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Specialist Master Class

£250 Inclusive of scripts

Three Days Course Two Saturdays one Sunday
Courses start 9am finishing 6pm a one hour lunch break

The modules consist of the following elements:

How to address Phobias…Traumas…Children…Hypno-Band

A Review of aspects from Practical Clinical Course

Day One
Transference and counter transference between clients and therapist. Covering aspects of therapist outcome and outcome from therapist techniques

How to use empathy, not negative suggestions and sympathy Using open ended questions to identify goals.

What is an abreaction? How to deal with the client after an abreaction.

Techniques to bring clients awake from their altered state. Making sure client is calm and happy before they leave you.

Day Two
How and when to apply Hypno-band under hypnosis the advantages, disadvantages How many sessions needed.

Why people put on weight, what is habit what is psychological. The physical and mental effects of weight on your mind. The perceived benefits of overeating, The reasons for stopping overeating.

Models of change NLP EFT ...Pre-hypnosis talk- what you need to find out from your client

The perceived benefits of smoking. Finding the reason they want to stop.

Using inner-child, hypo suggestion, aversion therapy. Changing self-image, and giving confidence

Day Three
Working with children…The Children Act Story-telling, scripts to use for children.

Finding out what they are interested in and using their games and interests. Post Trauma Stress Disorder Memories from war, Operations; Illness; changes in their lives;

Sex abuse; emotional abuse: Bereavement; Separation, Changes in Life Style

Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique combined

Please contact us for booking details.